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Roanoke College Students

Roanoke College Students

Students from Roanoke College

Ambassador Reed-Rowe and U.S. Embassy Koror welcome Dr. Morris (pictured far left), Ms. Duke (pictured far right) and students from Roanoke College.

A group of 15 students from Roanoke College in Virginia, led by anthropologists Dr. Chad Morris and Kelly Duke, are in Palau May 15-31 to study globalization and health. With gracious assistance from the Ministry of Health, Ulkerruil A Klengar, Palau Community Action Agency, Palau Community College Office of Cooperative Extension, and the Bureau of Arts and Culture, the group is conducting research in Ngerbeched and Ngerchelong about beliefs and ideas associated with nutrition and access to food. The College will be working long-term in Palau to help create and support community-driven programs leading to lower non-communicable disease rates and increased food security. Dr. Morris will return to Palau early next year to share the results of the group's work. Individuals interested in more information about the research can reach him at