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Date Observed Holiday U.S./Palau
2-Jan-17 New Year's Day U.S./Palau
16-Jan-17 Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday U.S.
20-Feb-17 Washington's Birthday U.S.
15-March-17 Youth Day Palau
5-Apr-17 Airai State Constitution Day Palau
5-May-17 Senior Citizens Day Palau
29-May-17 Memorial Day U.S.
1-Jun-17 President's Day Palau
4-Jul-17 Independence Day U.S.
10-Jul-17 Constitution Day Palau
4-Sept-17 Labor Day U.S./Palau
2-Oct-17 Independence Day Palau
9-Oct-17 Columbus Day U.S.
20-Oct-17 Koror State Constitution Day Palau
24-Oct-17 United Nations Day Palau
10-Nov-17 Veteran's Day U.S.
23-Nov-17 Thanksgiving Day U.S.
24-Nov-17 Thanksgiving Day Palau
25-Dec-17 Christmas Day U.S./Palau


  • Consular Offices are closed on all legal holidays of the Republic of Palau and the United States of America.